Markets Extend Weekend

(Gig Harbor, WA)  Hit the snooze button  Oh, sure, you think the markets are opening this morning and they may be – on paper – but with the Dow flopping between positive and flat-line, it’ll be like rigor tradeus until we get some data rolling in.  Not that we don’t have some suspicions…

My friend Roger Reynolds offered his email readers this gem:

Friday the dow and SNP both gave weekly broadening top sell signals. Since they had given opne before and the markets did not go down some folks might ignore the signals. IMO that is a mistake. WHY??? because they both gave similar signals at the 2007 top.

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Coping with the WoWW: A Great “Falling”

What happens next in markets may be a huge reversal to the downside beginning this week, or maybe next week after options come off late this week.  And I suspect this why?

There has been a “Great Falling.” 

A what?  Allow me to elucidate:

The Universe talks to us…often in ways that are too subtle for our busy minds to hear, but that’s mostly because we have such busy schedules and we’re texting so much drivel that we miss the signs when they are thrown in our faces.

From experience, though, sigils and signs are a lot more common than people realize.

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A Course in Relative Values

(Gig Harbor, WA)  One of the biggest “prepping problems” is what threat to prep for.  While there are no hard and fast rules, there is something to be learned from a study of relative values.  With this in mind, a long ramble this morning into the mindset that works.

We also look at the spread of Ebola and what that might do…a major killing time, but slow arriving and thus, plenty of time to prep for what could be “national days in” that could be coming worldwide if the worst fears of epidemiologists materialize.

All of which requires plenty of coffee and is best taken on the deck with the sun of late summer to ward of the chills of what’s to come.  Markets are often driven by internals, but every so often exogenous events come along that “blow over” the status quo.  The period from this fall to next summer may be a period when externalities may again remind us that while Quants can rule the milliseconds, Ma Nature rules the days…

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Hallelujah! Car Sales Save the Economy (again)

Once again, America has experienced its bacon being pulled out of the fire by what?  Car sales!


But things aren’t doing badly for the credit card companies, either, since in the latest Federal Reserve data out this week, credit card (revolving) debt was up at an annual rate of 7.4 percent while student loans and such were up by more than 10%.

Understand that this is a vexing problem for economists to deal with:  While it can be argued that the big bump in consumer spending could be a good thing, it also might imply that people are no more responsible in their spending habits than they were in the years leading up to the Housing Bust a few years back.,

Yes, it might mean there are sales…but is it a healthy economy?  I rather think not. 

Before going further, though, let’s cut into the retail sales press release just out…

The U.S.

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Coping: Apple Strudel, Coffee, and Bruce the Critic…

(Gig Harbor, WA)     Ah, touched a nerve, did I?

Yesterday’s discussion about whether people need a $400 watch that requires a $600 phone got me a stinger—zinger of an emailed critique from my friend Bruce down in Ecuador.  A fairer critic would be hard to find.


You don’t need a smartphone, because you have no friends, and really not much of a life. How many numbers you got stored in that tracphone? Do you have only one phone for the two of you? That’s as archaic as a couple sharing an email address. 

Question is, how many cpu’s/electrical switches do you have in all that crap you hauled across the country?

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One More Thing: World May Not End

A couple of people asked me why I didn’t mention the big EMP from the sun that was due to wipe out the power grid today.

Simple:  Word out from the science people who watch such stuff this morning said (in part)

The X1.6 flare from 10 September was associated with an asymmetric full halo coronal mass ejection (CME). It was first seen by SOHO/LASCO at 18:00UT and had an average plane-of-the-sky speed of about 800 km/s. The CME is expected to arrive at Earth on 12 September around 21:00UT (+/-12 hours). It is not expected to interact with a previous halo CME from 9 September.

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Goodbye 17,000, Farewell 2,000: Where’s my Bottom?

Saturday’s Peoplenomics report will be pretty darn interesting, since the market this week is looking to end on a sour note.  Futures, when I checked prior to pushing pixels, were down 61 on the Dow. No, make that down 70 now.

Here’s the thing:  My buddy Roger Reynolds sent out an email to his list yesterday saying that if we get a close under (his level) this week, it would be a sign that the top could be in for this move and we could get a serious move to the downside.

I tend to agree.

The bulls have been working an attempt to bust out to the upside and through a long-term trend channel that has been forming since 2009.  In trying to break above the channel, they’ve been working a shorter-term trend line but it slammed into the long term trend line this week and died on the spot.

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Coping: Battle of the French Toasts

(Gig Harbor, WA)  OK, enough of the serious stuff.  We need a break…

When one of the biggest news stories of the week is that Apple has reinvented the watch so that it can put further in debt – and this is hailed as progress – it’s time we put our feet down and get back to food-binging because that’s one of the few pastimes that actually makes sense, anymore.

Our “binge” will happen Sunday morning.  And the weapon of choice will be French Toast.

In the rush to do this & that, I haven’t gotten around to describing chef-daughter Allison’s incredible French toast.  It’s French toast stuffed with a cream cheese/apple sauce filling – and it’s to die for.

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