Monday: The 3% Solution

The world is on the verge of getting its mojo back. The election in France saw Marine Le Pen make it into a runoff election May 7th for the presidency.  And globally, it was an extremely good session for markets in our aggregate view of things. I see it’s almost nap time. Because if you play triple-levered long ETFs, you can expect at least part of the market session today to  rock your net worth by +3% – which ain’t bad for a single day’s work in a world where the bankster … Continue reading

Coping: With Monday When We’re Busy

More a collection of random notes than anything this morning. Funny:  As in Finance One of my colleagues is kind enough to include me on a private market (and end of the financial world as we know it) letter that goes out to a few select. From his note this weekend, the best description of the FedGov Yet: It’s like a big Insurance company – with an Army. Which,  when you look at social spending… Why Ham Radio, Again? With cool temps and determined to play with the ham radio gear … Continue reading

Business Model Threat Analysis

What is a business model? What constitutes a threat to a business model? And why would you give a rip? Seems a reasonable set of questions – the answers just ahead as soon as a few headline, the ChartPack, and the coffee is done. The good news? Business model (threats) are more than just an investment tool.  They can also save your career from long-term disaster. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

France: ISIS’ Epic c4i Fail

Sure, markets are important – and yeah, we had a really good day yesterday.  But this morning we need to look around the “theater of battle” a bit and see what the larger playing field looks like. One reason our “global aggregated view” of markets seems to work is that we focus at multiple levels. Close-in, far-out, the middle-ground plus we look on temporal grids both ahead and behind for instruction. Today the markets have little to drive them but we did have another Islamic terror strike in Paris overnight and, … Continue reading

Coping: Those Aliens from Our Future?

Two things caught my eye on returning from my regular 6-month doctor’s visit. First was a delightful subscriber renewal to  But what made it extra-special was the book enclosed, “E.T. 101.” The other thing that flipped out of a high-speed scan was some news about how the naked mole rat can live without oxygen for long periods of time. After the ad, let me tie up a few loose ends about all this UFO stuff for you… First, the dear reader in Austin’s book could not have come at … Continue reading

Barking the American Media Circus

Oh, my. Three rings full. More stupid column inches on narcissistic media crap than you can shake a remote at.  We see yet-another proof of our contention that – like the auto industry in the last Depression – the media industry has the same excess capacity and utilization overbuild problem today. (more after ad) In the first ring we have Bill O’Reilly’s bounce from Fox.  As a long-time journo, one of the best techniques out there is to ask an open-ended question and then STFU and wait for the whole answer. I’m not sure I ever heard O’Whatzit … Continue reading

Coping: Thursday “Unthinkable” Class

Although we don’t like to talk about real get-down, nitty-gritty urban survival much, the past few weeks have again underscored the wisdom of having a “place in the country” to run to in the event of the ultimate disaster. This is not to claim that nuclear war is imminent, but, if it was, odds are about 99.999 percent that no one of our pay scale would have foreknowledge of what was to come. So this morning a quickie refresher on preps you should already have in place, or if not, … Continue reading

Investing: Step-by-Step for Millennials

A beginner’s Guide today.  How much to get started, how to pick an online brokerage, and a ton more including how to make – and read – your own charts. One of our readers – a Millennial at that – asked if I could whip up such a simple, step-by-step guide to how to invest in the stock market. Something for newbies. Since I wrote the Millennial’s Missing Manual, and that eBook – which will be on Amazon any minute – is all about processes and how you can do … Continue reading

Why Average People Are…..Average!

My friend Robin Landry (site) has been managing money for people for about 40-years now.  When I blew out of my long position in the markets a 8-days ago, he advised me to be patient. “Markets climb a ‘Wall of Worry’ most times…” I knew it to be true and it wasn’t the first time I’d heard it.  Still, I stewed and fretted a good bit when the market opened up strongly Monday and it didn’t take but an hour, or so, before I had jumped in long, again.  But, as world … Continue reading