The Coming Global Bail-Ins

Yep.  Not before the elections, though.   Just waiting for Obama II (Hillary) to make it into office and then all signs point to a meltdown in early 2w016 because the Fed won’t have any choice but to raise rates – which will blow up the national debt,  or they will stand par and the world will collapse into Depression II that way. In either event, we’re screwed.  Sure, paid up real estate that can grow food is the real answer…one we’ve been walking the talk on for a long time.  … Continue reading

Ure’s Forecast Right Again…Duh

Power breakfast aboard (turkey croissant sand.. and half bowl of chili) I am ready to face a harsh reality: I quit my long position in the QQQ’s yesterday instead of waiting for this morning. Not that I lost money, or anything stupid like that. I didn’t.  Made money even after commish. But the futures were looking like the Q’s might have added half a point today and that’s leaving money on the table.  Oh well. Every now and then, a reader will ask why I don’t post my trades real-time. … Continue reading

Coping: Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse

“You’re WHAT?” IN so many words, my most normal daughter was telling be she and her spouse would be heading to Las Vegas to take part in a Zombie Apocalypse Tactical Op Training Session. Oh, one of those… I tried to sound hip but it wasn’t going very well at all. With good reason, too. One is with the exception of a few old politicians I have never seen any zombies…ever. Two is if I did see one it would be meeting a real plastic hollow point from one of … Continue reading

Decline, Rally, Holiday

We’re working in the wrong business – that is, if you happen to work in the private sector, like I do. That’s because in the FedGov, employees get 10 holidays per year. Those of us schmoes in the private sector are lucky to get five. And this is before federal employees count “compensatory time” – which is what racks up when working beyond an 8-hour day in most agencies, and so on. Yeah…private sector…I know: “Comp time? Whatzzat?” Not to bring up a sore spot so early, but it’s the … Continue reading

Coping: With Peace, Quiet, and Earthquakes

Depending on your coffee load, you may (or may not) remember my mentioning last week that I had the “earthquake tireds.” For whatever reason, I am one of those people who is very sensitive to earthquakes in advance. I get terribly tired and all I want to do is go back to bed and sleep. Which is precisely what I did for a couple of hours Tuesday of last week. Then I waited. Usually a quake comes by within 72-hours, or so. Not that it’s a bad thing, either, although … Continue reading

Sunday Schooling: The Mush-head American’s Prez Primer

With a “shock poll” out showing Donald Trump is back up in the polls and inside the margin of error, we see this weekend pervasive signs that the liberal attack dogs have been set lose.  They are desperate trying to find some way – hell any way – to hold on to the Gravy Train that is Washington’s top office and their access to power. Since I’ve been a reporter since age 20 – which gives me 47-years of experience explaining things to people – allow me to remind you … Continue reading

A Weak-End Rant: Here Come the Zombie Demo-Goons

Free speech?  Pahleeze… Not something the anti-Trump people seem the least bit interested in. Witness the report about how Trump donors were spit on and such. Meantime, the MSM Trump=-haters, like the Washington Post are tripping over themselves to say the worst possible things about Trump trying to address black people’s issues. Yet here is the odd thing: In none of the reports I’ve seen, though, was Hillary Clinton afford equal time – to point out that she is dodging this and a lot of other issues, too. And President … Continue reading

Monetizing Your Butt

Nope, we’re not going for the all-time crudeness award here. What we are doing is putting a new phenomena under the microscope to prove 8-billion people loose in the world don’t have anything else to do other than make-up new and exciting ways to take money from you. This is the stuff big government and,  oh yeah, major changes in bathroom use – and not of the silly gender-ending type – are made of. We seek lessons in the darnedest places, seems like. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||      … Continue reading

OK, So Obama Lies…What About Tax Returns?

Wasn’t it just a week ago that we of  the non-MSM press was being raked over the coals for pointing out that the payment of $400 million to Iran was paying for hostages? “Oh, no, no…” said the apologists for President Useless. Yet now, here we have the Obama administration via stooges at State admitting to lying and yes  it was ransom, and the liberal/lefties in the press are still tripping over themselves to say anything but one word: RANSOM Trust the MSM to bury this in coming hours.  It … Continue reading

Coping: Two Serious Prepping Notes and Off the Hook

Our first serious prepping note is thanks to my darling wife. While we were on vacation, she was driving and misjudged a turn into the carport where we were staying.  No damage to the carport, but a $1,200 ding in the old Lex. Problem:  While the dealership in Ft. Worth could have had the job, they don’t come down and pick up, or drop off, so that’s off the table. Had to go local. Well, turns out Panama had a gentle impact with a deer – which ran into his … Continue reading